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Urban Path Design is a team of highly skilled engineers specializing in residential and commercial building permits for Legal Basement Apartments, Second Units, Below-Grade Entrances, House Extensions, Structural Changes, and a wide range of renovations, both residential and commercial.

In addition to insulation design and underpinning design, we additionally offer a complete service that includes taking measurements and obtaining a permit to build, which includes site plans, current floor plans, elevation drawings and the construction permit.

You need to do several things if you are planning to add or renovate your home. First, you must get the proper permits before starting any work. If you are considering hiring a building drawing company to help you with your project, the same goes for you. A building permit may be required for the project based on its scope. Other permits, such as electrical, plumbing, and gas, may also be required. When renovating a home on the inside, you’ll typically only need a building permit. However, if you’re adding to your house, you might also have to get a zoning permit from the city.

When planning to construct a structure that changes the use or density of your property, you will need a zoning permit. After you have acquired all the required permits, you can begin renovating your home! The exterior work of a home or commercial building in Brampton needs a building permit, which includes new construction, additions, and renovations. Building permits are required for any work done to the exterior of a house or commercial building.

As part of the building permit process, a complete set of drawings must be submitted to the City to determine whether the work will be safe for occupancy and complies with all the necessary building code requirements. Therefore, the first step in applying for a permit is to submit a complete set of drawings. An approved permit can be issued after the drawings have been reviewed and approved. These drawings must include a site plan, floor plan, elevations, and details of the work to be accomplished.

The permit fee is based on the value of the work to be done. If you are doing the work yourself, you must submit a homeowner’s affidavit in lieu of a contractor’s license. Once the work is completed, an inspection must be requested for a final Certificate of Occupancy.

In order to add more living space to your home, you need to obtain a home addition permit. It can include the addition of a new room, extension of an existing room, or the modification of existing rooms. Urban Path Design can assist you with the necessary paperwork and drawings to obtain the permit. If you are planning to renovate the interior of your home, such as changing the walls, floors, ceilings, or fixtures, then you will need to apply for an interior renovation permit. This permit makes sure that you meet any regulations and codes that govern construction in your area. Obtaining a building permit will require the preparation of permit drawings by a professional engineering firm. In addition to floor plans, elevations, cross-sections, and any other details necessary to obtain a permit, our team of licensed professional engineers has years of experience preparing permit drawings for homes. We can help you with whatever size project you have in mind, from a small addition to a complete home renovation.

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